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Now you also have the most advanced technology available to fully roll out your advertising on apps, Google and Facebook, so close to where your business is.

The present of local mobile marketing

People check their phone all the time.
Today you can reach them with mobile advertising on their smartphone just as they pass by your store so you can be known by anyone who has similar interests to your business or is looking for something like it.

  • Away from Home 86%
  • In a Bar or Cafe 82%
  • At Work 79%
  • At the Restaurant 78%
  • In a Shop 70%
  • On Public Transport 70%

The Mobile Scenario

Hours per day of average use. Sum of micro-moments throughout the day.

Times in a day we look at our phone. Average of once every 6 minutes.

Find how to design your local mobile advertising on smartphones and tablets, right around your shop in a few easy steps.

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